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Types of Pallet Racking: differences and advantages

The vast majority of warehouses and distribution centres organise the distribution of their storage by installing Pallet Racking. The racking designed to store pallets optimises the available space and adapts to each company’s storage needs. We analyse below the different types of pallet racking that can be installed in a warehouse and outline their characteristics and differences. […]

Batch picking: What is it and how it works

The main objective of the order preparation process or picking in a warehouse must be to ensure that it is done correctly and error-free, and in the least time and with the resources available to the company. With this in mind, there are several picking methods that seek to optimise this procedure according to the specific characteristics […]

Supermarket Racks

Ebatech offers a wide range of modular supermarket racking solutions available and some of these include; wall gondolas, center gondolas, end gondolas, wall channel racks, lighted racks, corner racks, glass shelf racks, mesh basket racks, alligator bins, top canopy, stepped back racks, four sided racks, ball cage racks, cash out racks, cash storage racks, supermarket […]