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Carpet Racking

If you’re not using carpet racking to store carpet, textile rolls and other long bulky options then not only are you using space inefficiently in your warehouse, but you could also be putting your stock at risk of damage through improper storage.

Benefits Of Specialist Carpet Racking 

Using specialist racking such as carpet racking instead of relying on traditional racking systems holds a number of benefits including:

  • Product is always visible, making for easier accessibility, stock and damage checks. 

  • Beam levels can be set based on the height of the roll, maximising all available height in the warehouse. 

  • Can be re-configured and adjusted to suit carpet rolls of any width or diameter.

  • Products are supported by multiple beams, reducing the risk of sagging, distortion or other damage. 

  • Faster and more efficient forklift loading and unloading, minimising product handling time and thus the potential for damage.

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